His experience in the field of mentoring, both at the grassroots level guiding students one-on-one, as well as his consulting work at the policy level is in high demand. In his Leadership for Today message, Dr. Gabe Veas touches upon the principles he expands upon in his book, Leadership for Today: It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know. He addresses how important it is for students to remain grounded in their values as they move forward in life. He also highlights how students can obtain informal mentors who will help them to achieve their dreams. This memorable talk is geared toward students who are in college or on track to attend college.

Book Release - Spring 2012

Leadership for Today: It's not just what you know, it's who you know Outline

Part One / Leadership in the Past, Present, & Future
Understanding Your Personal History
Discovering Your Dreams
Living with Purpose

Part Two / Community-Based Leadership
A Spirit of Thankfulness
Finding the Right Service Opportunities
Networking 101

Part Three / Leadership in Action: SPA Protégé
The Protégé Role